Kaivac Launches New Web Site

After nearly a year of planning and collaboration, Kaivac, Inc., developers of the No-Touch Cleaning® system, has launched a completely redesigned and enhanced Web site.


With a strikingly new, fresh appearance and format, the site was designed and developed by Paul Rathey of Silicon Mask Media + Design.


Rathey is becoming well-known in the jansan industry.  His company has developed other jansan-related Web sites, such as KaiScience?, which is now part of the Cleaning Industry Research Institute (CIRI), as well as the Web site for the International Executive Housekeeping Association (I.E.H.A.).


The site actually went live quietly a couple of weeks ago while it was being beta tested.


No announcement was made at that time, although visitors to such social media sites as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and others saw notices asking them to visit the new site and provide feedback.


?This is our fourth Web site,? says Matt Morrison, Kaivac?s communication manager.  ?In many ways, each has been a work in progress because we have learned from each one and made improvements.?


Morrison says that instead of planning the site based on what his company wanted to present online, working with Rathey, they changed their perspective and placed greater emphasis on what a visitor to the site might be most interested in finding.


With this perspective in mind, new sections were added to this site.  Some of these new sections include:


  • How We Can Help
  • Savings Guide
  • Hygienic Green Cleaning
  • A greatly expanded Knowledge Base, which includes White Papers, case studies, and other information about the Kaivac system.


?These new sections not only enhance navigation, but help answer [visitors?] questions,? adds Morrison.  ?We don?t want our visitors to search for answers to their questions; we want them to be able to find answers quickly and understand how our products can help them keep their facilities cleaner and healthier.?

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    The powerful OmniFlex Wet Vacuum is designed for heavy-duty commercial and industrial floor maintenance.Used stand-alone as a traditional wet vac, it’s great for picking up spills, detail cleaning, job site cleanup, flooding, vehicle and equipment detailing, and more. Or, it can be easily mounted on Kaivac’s OmniFlex trolley-bucket where it becomes an integral component of a high-performance OmniFlex Dispense-and-Vac or Spray-and-Vac cleaning system.

  • OmniFlex™ SUV™OmniFlex™ SUV™

    Say goodbye to the traditional janitor’s cart. The Lithium-ion powered OmniFlex™ SUV™ is the first practical whole building mop replacement ever developed. In fact, it’s a true all-in-one system that not only replaces mops and buckets, but also wet vacuums, dust mops, and in some cases, even autoscrubbers. Plus, it reduces trash volume by up to two-thirds with its integrated trash compactor.Most important, it gets floors and other surfaces really clean, really fast. The ultimate in Crossover Cleaning, it combines high speed push-behind cleaning for large areas with the precision and flexibility of a vacuum wand for smaller or congested areas, tight corners, or grouted floors. The result is a compact cart that‘s three-four times faster than mopping and 30-60 times better.

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