Winning Premium Business Using Rapid Hygiene Measurement

Building Service Contractor Darryl Lawson has very personal reasons for wanting to see cleaner public restrooms. As a kidney transplant recipient, he is more at risk than most to the viral pathogens that cause infectious diseases. So, when he found out that there was now a way to measure unseen biological contamination and show clients and potential clients how well their facilities were being cleaned, it got his attention and changed his entire business plan.


Lawson had considered phasing himself out of the cleaning business but first decided to research the latest technology in the industry. He came across the ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) measurement system which provides accurate and traceable verification of the hygienic status of a surface. The higher the reading the more contamination is present. Now, using the ATP meter as his primary sales tool, he is looking to expand his staff, and take on the scientific aspect of his company. Coming from the financial services industry, the choice was clear. "Numbers don't lie," he explains. "It was obvious to me from the first demonstration what I could do with this tool. It has changed the entire way I approach my business. I now offer customers a hygiene program versus a cleaning program, and my company, Facility Hygiene Solutions, is flourishing."
Remove It and Prove It?


Lawson has always been perplexed by the lack of measurement after a restroom was cleaned. He would ask himself, "Clean compared to what?" He describes the deceptive results of visual inspections. For example, he had visited an indoor soccer facility where he was told the restrooms, while clean in appearance, harbored an odor that simply could not be eliminated. He knew that the residual odor was sensory evidence of bacterial contamination. With a KaiVac® No-Touch CleaningTM system and ATP meter, Lawson performed a demonstration for a manager who was so impressed he contacted the building owner and asked that he come and see the results. Lawson explains, "The Darryl inserting swab to obtain an ATP measurement owner came and looked at the restroom an hour after I had performed the deep cleaning. A week later, they hired me to supplement their traditional cleaning with a periodic deep cleaning service for their restrooms." Today, he is well-received by the in-house cleaning staff who are always happy to see him there to perform regular deep cleaning services.


While Lawson admits that his services do cost more than performing a superficial cleaning using traditional tools, he has found many customers willing to pay a higher price to maintain a sanitary state in their buildings. "I tell them if they want someone to sweep and mop, I'm not their guy," he explains. "But if you want deep cleaning, someone who can come in your facility and remove the dangerous microbes from your environment, we need to talk."


Winning and Keeping Business
Once he gets over the obstacle of getting through the door to perform an on-site demo, Lawson is "batting 1000" as decision-makers take notice of the readings coming from actual surfaces in their buildings. He now performs deep cleaning with the KaiVac at restaurants, athletic facilities and day care centers.


With schools and athletic facilities being in the high-risk category for from actual outbreaks of virulent infections, Lawson's goal is to ultimately use the surfaces in ATP measurement system to offer a complete facility hygiene plan, their buildings. with a year-round system of deep cleaning to remove unseen biological contaminants. So far, the reactions speak for themselves. "My customers are reacting to the marked difference in appearance of their facilities," he remarks, adding that the ability to provide customers with documentation has demonstrated proof of quality service and credibility through rapid scientific results and provides him with the ability to thrive in a competitive business while commanding a premium price for his services.


ATP Measurement

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